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About Us

Dear Sir or Madam, ArraCos R&D Laboratory [Test & Development Laboratory] provides consulting services for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry covering the following topics:


We create formulas to meet your expectations and requirements, as well as to present our visions of products, optimizing existing recipes and adapting them to the requirements of the price or availability of raw materials. We create innovative products, stable, safe, effective, consistent with the standards and international regulations.


We develop production technologies, and modify existing ones in your companies.


We conduct physio-chemical tests, as well as tests on stability, compatibility of the mass with packaging, PAO, microbiology, durability, dermatology, and applicability. This allows you to carry them out in one place without having to send the samples to a few places.


We create the required documentation based on previous studies and verify the documentation you have gathered in terms of formal and legal correctness, which will meet the standards of the cosmetic safety report. After this has been completed, we will help to record it in the base of the CPNP and implement the product on the market. Thanks to ongoing cooperation with the SafetyAssessor and specialists responsible for the implementation of the GMP system, as well as ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22716:2007 norms, we develop documentation of the cosmetics according to the latest standards.


We check the declarations and marketing statements that are on labels. You can also count on our help in creating marketing concepts, appropriately formulating statements and preparing appropriate declarations.


We deal with the registration of cosmetics in the CPNP database starting with the registration of your company in the system and the registration of cosmetic production, and continuing through the process until the confirmation notification has been obtained.


We carry out an assessment of the safety report on the basis of the documentation you provide. We can support you in completing the missing documentation.


We provide consulting services in a wide range of cosmetic chemistry and household chemicals, as well as helping to solve production problems. Every day we are expanding already accumulated knowledge by attending numerous cosmetic seminars nationally and internationally. We are constantly looking for the newest, most effective active substances, base raw materials, and interesting textures to be able to meet the expectations of customers and bring to the market truly innovative products.

Cooperation with us is based on trust and confidentiality, which are necessary for each project. We adapt to the needs of each Client.

We encourage you to join in creative and effective cooperation with us.