Cosmetic Recipes

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Cosmetic Recipes

To meet the expectations of our clients we create truly innovative products, effective and consistent with applicable cosmetics laws, as well as provide advisory services for the creation of cosmetic formulations, beginning from the basic idea to the implementation of them on the industrial scale.

The current needs of the cosmetics market are very diverse, consumer expectations are becoming more sophisticated, therefore we create attractive cosmetics, giving them interesting textures with excellent feelings application, applying the modern active ingredients, the effectiveness of which has been repeatedly confirmed by clinical studies.

We approach each project individually. We start by developing a theoretical recipe, which is then modified by a number of experiments and tests, whose purpose is to optimize in terms of organoleptic, sensoric, preliminary stability studies and suggestions, opinions and comments of our Clients.

Skin and Body Care
Hair Care and Styling Products
Sun Care
Decorative Cosmetics
Oral Care
Pet Care

The key phase of the work of the recipe is to give the mass of the cosmetic an interesting, attractive texture that will also facilitate the penetration of active substances in the skin.

We are experts in the formation of very different products, both of those that leave very rich skin feeling and formulas which are light, quickly absorbing without leaving stickiness and greasiness. Our laboratory is equipped with the latest technology so that we can quickly and efficiently investigate produced masses and evaluate them from all angles.

We develop ointments, lotions, oils, gels, cream-gels, BB creams, products for sensitive skin, baby products and much, much more.

We are also able to optimize existing recipes by modifying the sensory application, ingredients, stability, compatibility, and adaptability to the current legislation.

By creating our own recipes, we develop technological processes and we also seek to optimize existing processes at the plants of our Clients.